Workstation PC

Long gone are the days of turning on your PC and having enough time to go downstairs, make some coffee, take the dog out, and return to your chair just in time to see it boot to desktop. In the modern era of solid-state drives, PCs are so much faster but we’re still not at an instant-on level where a desktop or laptop is booted and ready to go as soon as your finger moves off the power button.

However we're slowing getting closer to that holy grail of PC startup sequences -- Tom’s Hardware managed to get a PC to boot to Windows 10 in 4.9 seconds last year, a feat it achieved using an Optane drive from Intel and some impractical config decisions.

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In five to ten years, advancements in storage solutions, along with motherboards, CPUs, and RAM could mean the instaboot feature becomes a reality—or at least drop boot times to under a couple of seconds. And let’s not forget Windows on ARM devices which might become the first to hold the title of true instant-on PCs.

While not entirely the same thing, tablets and smartphones already provide instant access to what is essentially a computer thanks to their power-saving and low-power state features. But will a smartphone ever truly replace a PC? Which leads us nicely onto...
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