Systems Architect

Being a System Architect

The System Architect's job (Solution Architect) is to design complex industrial systems / products in the traditional industrial sectors (automotive, aeronautics, defense, energy, rail, naval, space, etc.).

The key activities of the System Architect are:

  • Needs and requirements engineering,
  • Systems  architecture & modelling,
  • Verification and validation,
  • Collaborative steering.


The skills of the System Architect

  1. Needs and requirements engineering
    • Building and modelling the system’s needs architecture
    • Building and modelling the system’s requirements architecture
  2. Systems  architecture & modelling
    • Building the architecture of the environment of a system
    • Building the operational architecture of a system
    • Building the functional architecture of a system
    • Building the constructional architecture of a system
    • Integrating the dysfunctional dimensions of a system (safety analyses)
    • Modelling the system’s needs and requirements architecture
    • Modelling the system’s operational, functional and constructional architectures
    • Modelling the system’s dysfunctional dimensions
  3. Verification and validation
    • Defining the system verification plan
    • Defining the system validation plan
  4. Collaborative steering
    • Building the architecture of a “systems” project organization
    • Ensuring collaboration between the actors of a systems design project
    • Read more: become a successful Systems Architect

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