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To move ahead in your career as a Cloud professional, having the knowledge of multiple Cloud technologies can be an added advantage. Proficiency in one Cloud technology can be good but there is nothing wrong in having versatile skills with knowledge of more that one Cloud technologies as this enables you to work seamlessly with different Cloud environments - a skill that is not only impressive but essential for a Cloud master.

4. Information Security skills

With the increased volume of data, the number od threats do also increase while working in the Cloud environment. Unless you have the basic knowledge of cybersecurity and encryption-decryption algorithms, there are chances you do not get the adequate success as a Cloud professional. Thus, along with learning Cloud technologies, train yourself in cybersecurity and data safety also.

5. Business management skills

To reach at the top hierarchy in a company, you need to develop business skills also even if you are from a hardcore technical background. This stands true in Cloud computing also. In addition to technology skills, Cloud professionals also need the following business skills-
Managing personnel
Cloud computing makes customization of data for each business possible so data manipulation is another major skill you shoud possess. Analysts, who can remodel data and tailor it into formats specified by each department in an organization, are a highly prized asset.

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