Switch Network

Containers have emerged over the past several years to provide an efficient method of storing and delivering applications reliably across different computing environments. By containerizing an application platform and its dependencies, differences in OS distributions and underlying infrastructures are abstracted away. 

Networking has emerged as a critical element within the container ecosystem, providing connectivity between containers running on the same host as well as on different hosts, says Michael Letourneau, an IT architect at Liberty Mutual Insurance. "Putting an application into a container automatically drives the need for network connectivity for that container," says Letourneau, whose primary focus is on building and operating Liberty Mutual's container platform. 

With virtualization, hardware resources are shared by virtual machines, each of which include both an application and a complete operating system instance. A physical server running three VMs, would, for example, feature a hypervisor accompanied by three separate operating systems running on top. On the other hand, a server supporting three containerized applications requires just a single operating system, with each container sharing the operating system kernel with its companion containers. 

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman also provide any technical support required for ground-level installation of communication wiring or communication equipment. 
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