SLA Based Services

SLA not only contains a description of the services, but also sets the boundaries of responsibility within a particular service. Everyone has to deal with non-standard applications. For example, you agreed to maintain a typical IT infrastructure, but after the conclusion of the contract specific equipment appears in it, and along with it, applications for setting it up. Who should do it? The corresponding specialist is expensive, and you did not mortgage his salary when calculating the cost of the service.

On the other hand, the client believes that this is part of the infrastructure, which means your responsibility. Or you serve an online cash register, and the client has problems with 1C, which he tries to hang on you.

SLA allows you to permanently close this issue by limiting the scope of interaction with users with only previously announced objects or products.
The SLA agreement contains information on in which case the service is deemed fulfilled (when the contractor’s liability ceases) - this means the organization serving, for example, commercial real estate, will no longer have to repair the roof at its own expense if new problems were discovered 2 years after the previous repair , and the claimed guarantee for work is 1 year.
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