How to design a good SLA?
SLAs are a quality insurance that either contribute to customer loyalty or help us improve our services.

The most important condition when designing a good SLA is to ensure that our company is able to meet the agreement. To establish viable agreements, we will analyze both the service we provide and the internal structure we use to offer it.

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Service Catalog
We will take a look at our Service Catalog for understanding the relationship between corporate areas involved and processes that are carried out when providing each service.

Operational Level Agreements
Consider automating internal SLAs to ensure compliance with customer expectations. These are called Operational Level Agreements, and are responsible for establishing an internal coordination to meet resolution and response times.

SLA management does not end once we provide the service. It is important to analyze the level of satisfaction of our customers through, for example, periodic surveys. It is essential to ask for their opinion in order to know the effectiveness of our agreement management and adjust improvements if needed.
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