SDN eases pandemic’s telecom burden

Software-defined networking played an important role in supporting the massive work-from-home response to the pandemic in the last few months, according to some carrier members of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Council (NSTAC).

SDN is a set of technologies that virtualizes much of the hauling and switching activity that requires hardware in older generations of communications technology. SDN has dramatically shaped the response to increased loads on national telecommunications networks during the pandemic, members said on a May 13 teleconference.

The pandemic has affected the telecommunications critical infrastructure unlike previous natural disasters, which tend to put stress on local and regional networks. The pandemic has put pressure on networks nationally, according to Joshua Steinman, deputy assistant to the president for cyber and senior director for cybersecurity with the National Security Council.

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Carrier representatives said SDN has let them quickly redistribute network loads to even out stress on peering points and routing facilities. At the same time, edge computing and SDN have increased the need for coordination among carriers' networking plans, said one major carrier representative.
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