Micro-segmentation is the idea of using SDN for security. Individual networks can be ultra-secure and carry secure sensitive data; other systems can be public-facing. Therefore, if a hacker gets into a public-facing web server, they are restricted to the server segments of the network. This limits the hacker’s ability to access any other sections, such as secure data center networks. Micro-segmentation has been incurred as a distinguished use case for Software-Defined Networks. As SDN principles are developed to promote multi-cloud circumstances, they will be utilized to mitigate the inherent complexity of building and sustaining a consistent network and security policies over IT landscapes.

SDN is also used in an area called Network Function Virtualization or NFV; this is the intention of substituting specific hardware like Firewall and Loadbalancers with software operating on off the shelf server hardware. Some vendors are adopting SDN to connect data centers to public cloud providers, building a hybrid cloud network that involves micro-segmentation or dynamic scaling abilities. Other SDNs could be used to out manage the deluge of traffic from the IoT, segmenting network traffic and helping to organize the data.

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