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You may specialize even further in the course of your networking career. Roles range from cloud and security specializations, such as a network security specialist or cloud networking architect, to wireless and VoIP concentrations as a wireless networking quality assurance or VoIP engineer.

You could also choose to dabble in a little bit of everything as a full stack network engineer (FSNE).

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Networks are complicated. Rather than hiring people to focus on each area of IT, companies are increasingly looking for professionals with cross-functional skills. Full stack network engineers are trained in all areas of IT from routing, wireless, security, data center, automation, cloud and VoIP.

Training is more difficult for FSNEs. There isn’t a clear-cut path or certification. Instead of using your time to specialize in one area, try different roles and projects to round out your skill set.

Technical ability isn’t enough for a successful engineering career. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and critical thinking are crucial.

In one study, over half of employers reported that communication and teamwork were more important than academic results.

A great IT project will fail if it’s poorly communicated. Network engineers can’t manage teams without leadership skills. Building optimized networks is impossible without creative problem-solving.

Luckily, soft skills can be learned. A recent study by Boston College, Harvard University and the University of Michigan found that soft skills training boost productivity and retention by 12 percent, and can deliver a 250 percent return on investment in productivity.
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