NOC Technician

The fixed labour and infrastructure costs of building an internal NOC, SOC, our helpdesk team are often too much to cover and maintain a profitable and growing business. Even with the entire team, it would not be possible to change to meet the peaks and valleys of demand while simultaneously preparing for the daily IT tasks that must be accomplished.

Instead, the MSP should consider partnering with an external NOC that can handle most of the technical work that must be done in a growing MSP practice. Instead of a difficult to manage the internal operation, NOC acts as an extension of the existing MSP workforce, leaving a core technical team focused on high-value projects and high return on investment.

Solve the skills gap and scale with a NOC
Given the shortage of skilled, skilled and experienced technicians capable of handling Level 1–3 (known as the IT skills gap), using a NOC is a more efficient and economical option than hiring climbing technicians. Given the skills gap, for many MSPs, it is extremely difficult or simply impossible to provide their technical staff with the right skills to grow their business profitably. And given the high demand from these technicians, the right technicians have a salary that has also risen proportionately, which makes it even harder to profit margins when trying to hire large-scale employees.
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