Network Engineering

With network segmentation we put the business in a much better place to continue to expand and implement new security technologies as they become available. The company’s information security team was very pleased to go from 1600+ security rules down to 234. We limited their NAT down to 120. Now, instead of having a largely reactionary security posture, the company has improved their ability to be more proactive and grow in maturity from an infosec standpoint.

Network segmentation also helped the company reduce their compliance burden, generate effective insights from their reporting and analysis, improve their focus on threat hunting, and reduce their overall business risk.

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With the right design, network segmentation can reduce the probability of data exfiltration as well as lighten your organization’s overall compliance load. How? Network segmentation reduces attack surface making it more difficult for attackers to move laterally. These days, breaches are almost a certainty so limiting their impact is paramount. A discovery process helps us identify the best way to accomplish that.
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