Network Engineer

A network administrator has the duty to keep an organization’s computer network in an updated manner and functioning smoothly. Any organization that is making use of several PCs or software platforms is in need of a network administrator.

The position can change depending upon the organization and the complexity of the network. However, the common works of the network administrator are:

  • Setting up computer systems and network
  • Maintaining, setting right and upgrading computer networks
  • Supervising systems and networks to improve performance

Network Analyst

A network analyst has the responsibility of installation as well as maintenance of a network that comes under the scope of the company. They will discern problems inside the business and later find out a technical solution.

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They also deal with bringing up research and evaluation of network technology.

Network Manager

The network manager not only installs and maintains the company’s computer networks, but also makes the staff ready for providing excellent help. As far as problems with the system is concerned, the network manager should have a recovery plan.

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