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However, in a statement published on Monday, Huawei said that the company has no official involvement in the HKSP project, despite the project using the Huawei name in its title and the project having been developed by one of its top security engineers.

The company said the project was created and submitted to the Linux kernel project by the engineer, without its formal backing, and the HKSP code was never actually used in any of the official Huawei products.

"It is only the demo code used by an individual for technical discussion with the open source community Openwall," Huawei said.

An update was also added to the HKSP project on Monday, with the Huawei employee adding a similar disclaimer.

The fact that a Huawei employee wrote code that contains security flaws is nothing new. A report by the UK government last year found that Huawei networking equipment was riddled with security flaws that often went years without receiving patches.

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The reaction from the tech community in this particular case also shows the global anti-Huawei sentiment, which has been spurred in recent years by countless of security issues in the company's products, accusations of intellectual property theft, accusations of hiding secret backdoors in its firmware, and the West's fear of having the Chinese government spy on worldwide communications via the ever-popular Huawei equipment.
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