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How To Remove Bloatware On Your Device?

You can get rid of bloatware from your device, but not all of them can be uninstalled, deleted or removed altogether.

The first and simplest step to take is to go through your device and manually delete any software that you don’t use, have never used, and don’t want. Just be careful that you don’t remove an important program while you’re at it.

If it’s a Windows PC, you can use the Refresh Windows tool to remove apps that aren’t preinstalled with Windows, like those put there by your PC manufacturer.

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You can also remove bloatware using third-party programs that detect and help you remove such software. These include PC Decrapifier or Should I Remove It? The main drawback with using these utilities is that they may identify some bloatware, but not automate their removal, which means you have to go through the usual uninstallation process.  Otherwise buy a bloatware-free computer like the Microsoft Windows Signature Edition PCs.

For smartphones and tablets, you may not be able to uninstall manufacturer-made apps, but you can disable them via your phone’s settings.

The only way of truly uninstalling bloatware system apps is for your computer manufacturer to remove them for you, or root your smartphone, which again compromises its security.
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