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Clearly some people are at risk -- so how do you know if you are one of them? Like conventional criminals, criminal hackers choose easy and lucrative targets.

A few targets fit this profile. One group in the crosshairs is made up of companies that have data on millions of users, such as private sector entities with a Web presence. Why go after data one user at a time when it's already collected in one place?

Criminal hackers also like to hunt small organizations that have modest capital but weak information security. Ransomware, which is rampant against these targets, is particularly devastating because they often don't have the technical staff to recover, and many resort to paying the ransom.

As with analog crime, highly influential public figures like celebrities and politicians are beset by criminal hackers as well.

Those who classify themselves as "regular people" are overall less likely to face attacks from category 2, but exceptions exist. Even for those who avoid the spotlight, wealthier individuals are sought out by black hats, for obvious reasons.

Cryptocurrency wallet owners are also a favorite mark, since a number of them hastily opened a wallet during the cryptocurrency gold rush, with security as an afterthought.

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It's not just money that black hats may be after -- they seek out highly sensitive information too. Journalists, business leaders, politicians and military personnel, among others, find themselves subject to category 2 threats because the information they hold can have a dramatic influence on the distribution of power and material resources.
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