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Deciding what features and print options you are looking for in a printer is just part of the story.  The cost of printer cartridges is an equally important factor to consider and often overlooked by first-time printer buyers.   It is no secret that cartridges can be expensive. Cartridge price, cartridge size and the number of pages you get from a cartridge varies wildly across printer models and what printer you choose can ultimately make or break a printing budget, depending on the cost efficiency of its cartridges. First time buyers are often swayed by a big box store’s weekly printer sale, only to later find out that cartridge replacements cost twice as much as the printer.  Please don’t get stuck in that trap.  Before you buy, map out operating costs for the life of the printer and make sure those costs line up with your printing needs and budget.  We will show you what to look out for here:

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Cartridge Cost Considerations
Page Yield
Every cartridge offers a specific page yield, or an estimated number of pages you can expect to get from a cartridge.  Page yield is different for every cartridge series and is based off a 5% page coverage. In order to hold manufacturers accountable to the same standards, every cartridge is subjected to page yield testing based on ISO/IEC 24711 specifications. This test helps determine what the page yield of an ink cartridge will be, giving customers a reliable way to compare competing products.

Cartridge Size
Cartridges come in a couple of different sizes so understandably their page yields vary. High yield or XL cartridges print much more than a standard cartridge and are generally a better value for consumers with high volume printing needs.  Standard yield cartridges are less expensive than high yield cartridges and are good option for consumers that print occasionally.  Some printers offer extra-high yield cartridges as well, consult the specs on your manufacturer’s website to see if this cartridge option is available for your printer. 
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