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Are there maintenance kits for all printers?

Normally, such kits do not exist for devices in the domestic sector and small offices.
Although it is definitely possible to obtain individual spare parts here, due to installation costs, it only makes sense if you can do it yourself. Otherwise, unfortunately the entire device must be replaced as soon as damage or wear occurs.

Maintenance kits are available for many professional and semi-professional printers.
You can perform maintenance on your printer or photocopier at regular intervals or pay for it.

The frequency with which maintenance should be done and whether the maintenance kit should be installed every time depends on several factors:
  • Print application
  • Operating environment
  • Toner thickness
  • Printing average
For small printers maintenance can be done after 20,000 pages; For large printers, it is usually done after 100,000. For example, the HP LaserJet 4250 printer requires a new maintenance kit after 225,000 pages. In this special case, a new fixing unit, a transfer roller and nine feeder rollers are included.

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For some printers, there are also several maintenance kits , ie maintenance kits with different contents. Often, the device shows you which kit is required. In many cases, the printer / photocopier sends a corresponding error or warning message that "scheduled maintenance" is needed.
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