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Consumers and companies worldwide have ramped up online ordering for software products and digital goods as they struggle to improve productivity and security while working remotely and spending more time at home.

2Checkout on Monday released a report that indicates a sharp spike in online commerce aligning with the timing of the current global pandemic. The report is based on the company's global online sales data collected in March from more than 17,000 merchants selling both services and digital and physical goods.

A key finding shows the demand for digital goods trended upward beginning in March. Software-based offerings -- including multimedia tools (40 percent), collaboration (22 percent), and end-point security solutions (15 percent) -- accounted for the highest levels of growth for March compared with February.

Overall, 2Checkout estimated a 15 percent increase in online sales of digital goods globally due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Sales of physical goods during the same period did not show any significant growth globally.

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The lack of global growth for physical goods could be attributed to the interruption in the supply chain and logistics related to the delivery of physical items, according to 2Checkout's researchers.
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