Computer Repairer

As is the case with slow internet, spyware and viruses can greatly affect your download speed as well as multiple people streaming video or music on your network can eat up most of your bandwidth. The first step to solving this problem is to ensure that the browser you are using is up to date. The next step is to check your download speeds on a separate computer or a different browser, if there is one available. If these methods still don’t help, try resetting your router and modem with the reset button or unplug them for a couple seconds. Finally, if you are at your wits end call our computer help desk and our technicians can help you properly diagnose and fix your problems.

Can’t Open Email Attachments
If you are having trouble opening an attachment, the problem can often be attributed to not having the correct software required to view the file. You can look at the extension of the file and then search google for what type of program will open the file. For example, If you don’t have Adobe Reader or another PDF reading program, you won’t be able to open or download a PDF file. This is usually a quick fix that involves downloading a PDF reader. Make sure you download programs from reliable sources that are safe. Many sites offer free programs, but they install adware or virus software. Things like such as registry editors or Junk Cleaners. Be very careful.  Be aware of what you download, thorough vetting and proper virus scans should be performed before you install anything from the internet. Contact Ask Erik Computer Services if you need additional assistance.

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My Computer Won’t Recognize my USB Device
Try inserting the device in another USB port. If this works then you know the first port you tried must be either dirty, which can usually be fixed with some compressed air or the port is entirely defective. If your USB device does not function in any of your ports, try another device to ensure your computer is working properly before you attempt any more in-depth troubleshooting methods
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