CompTIA Project Plus

CompTIA Project Plus certification determines the status of and provides validation of competent and worthy project managers and their skills for managing the complete project life cycle. It exhibits the required knowledge and expertise of an individual in relation to managing projects.

The CompTIA Project+ is a vendor-neutral certification which is widely recognized and accepted globally. It covers the entire life cycle of a project from the instigation and preparation through implementation, acceptance, post project services and the conclusion of any project. CompTIA Project+ equips project managers with the confidence and fundamental skills necessary to accomplish projects within decided timelines and budget limits, and creates a unified understanding of project workflow among the team members of a project.

Unlike other project management certifications, CompTIA’s Project+ provides the facility of being cost-effective while being quick and easily achievable in a reasonable amount of time. CompTIA Project+ requires no prerequisites or application submission. Also the need of continuous education upgrading is not required.
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