CompTIA Project

While 'ethical hacker' is a useful umbrella term, actual job roles in the field are listed in many different forms. The most commonly-advertised jobs are generally for penetration testers, but many similar roles are often labelled as 'security analysts', 'information security consultants', 'network security specialists' and the like.

You may also find these kinds of jobs advertised as 'red team' roles. Many organisations that practise this form of offensive security split their security staff into 'red teams' and 'blue teams'. Red teams assume the role of attackers, trying to compromise the network and outwit the internal security operatives on the blue team, whose job is to keep the business' systems safe.

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How much money do ethical hackers make?
Assuming you have got this far and still want to enter the world of ethical hacking, how much can you expect to earn and just how buoyant is the job market? Ian Glover reckons that someone entering the market can expect in the region of 25,000. A registered level professional would expect to earn in the region of 55,000 and a team leader could be looking at 90,000-plus.
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