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Cyber and the cloud: Overcoming the key security challenges amid multi-cloud rise

Cloud computing has become a prevalent force, bringing economies of scale and breakthrough technological advances to modern organisations, but it is more than just a trend. Cloud computing has evolved at an incredible speed and, in many organisations, is now entwined with the complex technological landscape that supports critical daily operations.

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This ever-expanding cloud environment gives rise to new types of risk. Business and security leaders already face many challenges in protecting their existing IT environment. They must now also find ways to securely use multiple cloud services, supported applications and underlying technical infrastructure.

The need to use cloud services securely
The surge in business processes supported by cloud services has been well evidenced by organisations using cloud services store confidential data in the cloud environment. But when using cloud services, organisations are still unsure whether to entrust cloud service providers (CSPs) with their data. CSPs generally provide a certain level of security as substantiated by multiple surveys, but cloud-related security incidents do occur.

CSPs cannot be solely responsible for the security of their customers’ critical information assets. Cloud security relies equally on the customer’s ability to implement the right level of information security controls. Nevertheless, the cloud environment is complex and diverse, which hinders a consistent approach to deploying and maintaining core security controls. It is vital that organisations are aware of and fulfill their share of the responsibility for securing cloud services to successfully address the cyber threats that increasingly target the cloud environment.

Key features of cloud services
Organisations have rapidly adopted cloud services, attracted by the ease of procurement, relatively low set-up cost and the opportunity to replace legacy technology that no longer meets business needs. Yet, managing security is no simple task due to the unique and varied features intrinsic to using multiple cloud services.

Cloud services cover a vast range of offerings such as business applications, document storage solutions, databases and virtual servers, which can all be purchased on-demand from a selection of CSPs through a public network, most commonly the internet.

As organisations move to cloud computing to enhance their business operations, they tend to favor the acquisition of cloud services over the expansion of conventional, on-premises IT data centers. Often described as a cloud-first policy, this approach has been adopted by countless organisations. For many organisations, this means that almost their entire IT Infrastructure will eventually be hosted in the cloud environment.

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