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South Korea and China now lead in development and rollout, but in the United States, 5G is now in more than two dozen cities--from Atlanta and Detroit to Indianapolis and Washington, D.C.--as wireless companies race one another to expand service.

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Those networks aren't necessarily ready for prime time. For one, you can't tap into the power of 5G without a new, 5G-compatible phone. Plus, 5G relies on a spectrum that is so high­--millimeter waves--it can't go very far, or go through walls. And right now, it's expensive to install.

But when it does arrive full throttle--and it will by 2023--5G will fundamentally change the role of the mobile device. In a 5G world, augmented reality will become truly ubiquitous, so common that the technology could be table stakes for businesses like retailers and gyms. A clothing shop, for instance, could use AR to let people see themselves in an outfit in a range of dynamic, immersive environments.
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