computer repair technician

Become a PC Repair Technician

A personal computer (PC) repair technician identifies problems with computers and makes necessary repairs. The technician might fix hardware or software problems, guide users through troubleshooting procedures or work on computers remotely. Most of these professionals are employed at private businesses and companies. Travel to clients' homes for repair may be a requirement of the job. Holiday, weekend and evening hours also may be needed to meet consumer demand.

Becoming a PC repair technician usually requires a certificate or associate's degree and on-the-job training from experienced workers may be provided in some cases. Key skills you need to have include good analytical, communication and customer service skills, and knowledge of web platform development, enterprise application integration and operating systems software. Also required is the ability to maintain, fix, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems, as well as install software and hardware. As of July 2016, the median salary for PC repair technicians was $35,421, notes

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